Cycling case and backpack new version!


This new version has been designed to gain more space. It incorporates details and improvements that make it essential. It is the perfect solution for keeping clothes and accessories neat. Manufactured entirely in Spain



Cycling case and backpack.

We launched a new version with important improvements that allow you to gain more space while maintaining the same measures. You can take the case protected on the outside thanks to an extendable mesh with four clips. This will allow you to have more space inside.

We have also improved the comfort if you want to carry it as a backpack. It has more reinforced and wider handles with a clip of adjustment in the chest.

The new version is available in three colors: blue and black, orange and black, black ..

Protected space to place the helmet on the outside
Five compartments
Four interior pockets accessories
Large zip pocket for clothes
Front exterior pocket for keys, documents, mobile etc …
Two bottle cages
Washable in washing machine
Made in Spain

The faithful traveling companion of the cyclist. With it you can keep ordered everything you need in your trips, cyclists tours or trips to practice your favorite sport. Manufactured in Spain, it is made of high-quality waterproof (waterproof) polyester material.

Prepare your next trip with enthusiasm; thanks to her you will not forget anything

An example of everything you can carry in your suitcase:
Interior shirt
Leg loops
Two drums
Cycle computer
Energy bars

The suitcase inside: five compartments and five pockets
Inside it has five compartments adaptable to your needs thanks to the possibility of moving the Velcro. On the sides there are four small pockets with a grid and velcro for storing socks, gloves, a cap, a bandana, etc. Also, it has a large zippered pocket and breathable mesh where it can be stored, away from accessories, the jersey, shorts , inner shirt or windproof vest.

It can be washed in the washing machine
Around the inside of the suitcase there is a zipper where the inner lining of the suitcase is housed. Removing it, the suitcase can be washed in the washing machine.

When you have everything ready, two long Velcro strips are used to adjust clothes and accessories so they do not move when traveling.

The zippers take into account the frequent use of them. The elevation of the compartments with respect to the edges favors the opening and closing of the main zipper without forcing.

These are the measures:

50 cm long (vertical or horizontal) x 38 cm wide and 18 cm high horizontally

Thanks to its versatility you can use it as a suitcase, shoulder bag and cycling backpack.

It has a large vent and perspiration grid, which prevents odors caused by sweat.

In addition, a small front pocket allows you to store items such as your mobile, wallet or keys.

Two bottle cages on both sides of the suitcase ready to carry large bottles. Also, a reflective gray stripe on the front (in the black model) helps visibility when we carry it on our backs as a backpack. Finally, the logo of our brand image has been made in high quality embroidery.

Under the handle, a space has been arranged so that you can identify the suitcase with your name.

We wanted to make a suitcase that is comfortable to wear. The measurements are 50 cm long x 38 cm wide x 18 cm high horizontally. It allows you to carry it as carry-on luggage on your plane trips.

Manufactured in Spain and guarantee.

personalización maleta del cicloturista
Manufacturing takes place in Villena (Alicante)

For qué grande ser ciclista ® it is very important that the manufacture of a product of these characteristics is carried out in Spain. The proximity and immediate attention is essential to serve our customers. Our after-sales service will quickly resolve any incident you may have.

Our guarantee of the suitcase for cycling clothing and accessories offers you two years by law against any defect or breakage.

Any unforeseen that you have with the suitcase, we will take care of replacing it in 48 hours (if you live in Spain) and returning it yours in the shortest possible time

If you want to know more, we tell you all about the process of creating this suitcase.

“Why can not a product last a lifetime?” That is our intention, to offer the user a suitcase / backpack that can be used without problems during all the trips of his life “(Carlos Navascués, qué grande ser ciclista ® Director)

Personalization service available
From 12 units is available the option to customize the suitcase. For more details you can contact us through or by calling 34 656389849.

Award for the best accessory of 2017
We have recently been awarded in the category for the best cycling accessory by the readers of the digital publication Bike Today News.

All the details in video

Our cycling case and backpack has a high component of meticulous work. Authentic professionals work in the making of this type of product. Together with them, as cyclists we are, we achieve a perfect team. All in order to achieve a high quality of the final product. Remember that the shipping of this product is free (only to Spain)

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